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To keep you all up to date with our release plans for 15/18mm Blue Moon we would like to give you an idea of where we are headed and when we hope to accomplish these releases. We feel these release times are very doable but also realize that our plans could alter somewhat as we at Blue Moon do not control the cosmos.

This phase is well under way and it is to release all Infantry, Commands, Light Infantry, Landwehr, etc for the Major Nations (1805 -1815), this will be done first. We believe that this will enable everyone with an interest in a specific army the ability to get started with building their basic armies. This first phase will also include Advancing Troops, British Squares, Greatcoats, etc. with the plan of finishing these this year.

This phase will include all the Major Nations (1805 -1815) Cavalry, Artillery Crews, Limbers, Caissons, Field Forges, etc. These are also being worked on now and should be done by the end of 2012, possibly sliding into the first part of 2013.

This phase will begin next year -2013- and will start with the French Old Guard, Confederation Forces, British Allies at Waterloo, the Minor Nations, etc.

This phase will be the French Revolution, and also making sure we have our lists all finished. This phase should be underway in late 2013 going over into 2014.

During all this we will still be releasing the War of 1812, Texas War of Independence, The French Foreign Legion, The Gallic Wars, Early Rome and Her Enemies, Gangsters, The Three Musketeers, while finishing up the rest of our ACW range. These ranges should all be done this year.
Hopefully we have given you something to look forward to and a more accurate idea of when to look for the completion of particular ranges.


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