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Saturday 17, February 2018
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CP-01 August Cowboy of the Month This is the Old Glory Army August Cowboy of the Month. This years Cowboy series is provided to Old..
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CP-02 September Cowboy of The Month “Poncho” Poncho became a bandit as a young boy. He was the youngest of 12 boys. As time passed Po..
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CP-03 October Cowboy of the Month "Lefty" Although Lefty was a Gringo he was the best friend and trusted companion to the infamous ..
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CP-04 November Cowboy “Gentleman Dan” Dan “Smith”west to find his fortune, but what he ..
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CP-05 December Cowboy “Nick Marston” As a boy growing up in Eastern Ohio, Nick Marston read every dime novel he could g..
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CP-06 January Cowboy “Chief Joe” Chief Joe’s life started in a rather odd place, a wood shop in Ph..
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CP-07 February Cowboy "Windfield McGraw" In his younger days, Windfield McGraw served in the Texas Rangers rising to th..
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CP-08 March Cowboy Carlton Smith Wynautt Carlton's mother had fallen on hard times and in a desperate attempt to kee..
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CP-09 April Cowboy of the Month Isaiah Benjamin In his 20's Isaiah was a gunfighter and could hold his own with the best of them...
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CP-10 May Cowboy of the Month Milton Spriggs Milton had been a loner his entire life. The only surviving child born to his par..
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