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Tuesday 23, January 2018

Galactic War One


The First Great War on a New Frontier. Interstellar armies compete for dominance in unclaimed sectors of a galaxy made accessible by the discovery of warp gates. The rules are Company level rules meant with 15mm in mind. Though they can be used with 28mm with a little adjustment to the ranges and movement distances. Armies consist of several units which are made up of three to six infantry fireteams or vehicles.

The system includes rules for all kinds of cool sci-fi troop types that include walkers, grav vehicles, and giant fliers the can not only transport large quantities of infantry, but also vehicles as well.

The Universe is meant to be a pretty open and accessible space opera. It's not hard sci-fi, but its not Skullz(TM) either.

Ther are 7 forces to choose from that range from the forces of Terra, to mysterious psychic aliens.

Price: $25.00

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